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Special Selection-

Selected Natural Cosmetics
The best selection of natural and ecological products, produced by sustainable companies, which manually collect flowers and plants, feeling love and affection in each step of production, managing to extract the soul of the plants so that we can enjoy their benefits both emotionally and at the topical level.

We have specially selected each product in this catalogue.

We want to offer you the service of bringing you top-quality, ecological products with a high power of active ingredients so that every time we use a soap, a perfume, a hydrosol, an essential oil, it is an experience and a gift for your senses. and for your spirit.

We know that the essential oil of flowers or plants, when smelling them, their aroma and their power can reach our limbic system (an area of ​​the nervous system where the best memories and emotions of the past are kept, from our childhood or our lives). ).

These aromatic substances or molecules of essential oils are capable of improving our mood, our health and our skin.

That is why the selection that we offer is made and formulated in the best way, with a lot of love, dedication and awareness, they can only provide you with benefits.


We rely on a holistic concept

The balance of mind, body and spirit is important for a good fulfilling and happy life.

There are times when being well and fully is within our reach and it is simpler than we think.

Count on our products for it.

We will be happy to help you or advise you for your selection.
Jabón de Mallorca offers you a range of 100% natural and handmade cosmetics: soaps, solid shampoo, body oils, lip balms, perfumes and essential oils.

Its production is carried out entirely in Sóller, a town located in the Serra de Tramuntana, in Mallorca, Balearic Islands. The Serra de Tramuntana has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

All our soaps and products are made with carefully selected raw materials to meet a strict quality standard. Most of them come from Mallorca and the Sóller Valley area, famous for the quality of its olive oil and citrus fruits.

The perfect combination of virgin olive oil from Sóller, cold-extracted, organic virgin almond oil from Mallorca, plants from the Serra de la Tramuntana, allows us to offer you high-quality, ultra-nutritious, moisturizing and soft soaps and cosmetics.

Our products are 100% natural, km 0, without plastics, without parabens or EDTA, without artificial colors, without preservatives, without foaming agents, without synthetic perfumes, without additives, without palm oil and without sulfates.

From Majorca with love
Hemp grown in Mallorca for the whole world. We work for the development of the hemp industry in the Balearic Islands. Our CBD products boost the agri-food sector of the Balearic Islands.

During the year 2020 (year of the “pandemic”) we thought of giving a 180º turn to our history. We started working on a solid and legal project, we created the first cooperative in the Balearic Islands authorized and specialized in the cultivation of Industrial Hemp, Noma s.microcoop.

After the first hemp crop 2021, we felt the need to create a brand, which could offer people high-quality and transparent CBD products.

This is how Canem was born, the first CBD brand in the Balearic Islands with products from our own crops with ecological practices. In this way we can guarantee full traceability of our products.

We have created a brand with which the consumer can have total confidence in the product.

"Tranquility is the best state of human beings and their friends"

The Moisturizing Body Cream with Thyme combines nutrients extracted from the oils of organic nature) of Thyme, Rosemary, Wintergreen, Olive and Aloe Vera with vegetable glycerin, which acts as an emollient and provides softness and smoothness to the skin. It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties and adds a sensation of freshness with Echinacea Extract. While vitamins C, E and F work by protecting the body's cells against the effects of free radicals and oxidative processes that age the skin. A product capable of improving the skin's hydration capacity is obtained, which contributes to naturally regulating skin elasticity and stimulates the restoration of the protective hydro-lipid barrier while providing a refreshing and invigorating sensation after application.
The success of the high quality of our products is the way we process them. We call it cold process, once we cut the leaf of the Aloe Vera plant, we extract the gel from the inside of the leaf and cold process it, it is a much more expensive process, that is why it is not widely used, but in this way we make sure that all the properties of Aloe Vera are maintained in the final product. WE DO NOT HEAT the Aloe Vera and we DO NOT use ALOE VERA POWDER. The clearest example is when we boil water in our houses, we kill everything that may exist, the same happens with Aloe if you heat it, you kill all the properties.


Dersia was born from her passion for the sea, respect for nature's resources and the ideal of caring for the beauty of the eco-active woman, honestly and adapted to her cosmopolitan and off-road lifestyle.

It is a certified natural cosmetics firm, with BIO ingredients, young and accessible, which explores the seabed creating extraordinary formulations, rich in the best active ingredients and respectful of the skin.
Natural cosmetics

High level certified natural cosmetics, pleasant and that works


transparent cosmetics

We are transparent and honest cosmetics: everything is on the label.
Commitment to the environment

Conscious of the environment and responsible consumption: we do not use packaging and we use 100% recyclable containers.


Dersia was born from her passion for the sea, respect for nature's resources and the ideal of caring for the beauty of the eco-active woman, honestly and adapted to her cosmopolitan and off-road lifestyle.

It is a certified natural cosmetics firm, with BIO ingredients, young and accessible, which explores the seabed creating extraordinary formulations, rich in the best active ingredients and respectful of the skin.


Geoderm has been manufacturing 100% natural cosmetics since 1999, formulated from biological components capable of quenching skin deficiencies. Its active principles and cosmetic lines (ALOE, OLIVE, HYALURONIC AND GRANADA) restore balance and generate the energy of youth. Our sublime cosmetics represents a revolution within natural cosmetics that integrates formulas that blend with the skin, helping to safeguard the necessary balance to preserve and maintain its beauty. Purely vegetable cosmetics, delicate and with natural fragrances, which provide exceptional results for facial and body care. Each of its lines has the Bio certification granted by BDIH.


GEODERM provides the first line of certified vegan makeup Made in Spain. Our Makeup is based on high-quality mineral pigments and the Fluid Makeups contain nourishing and anti-aging ingredients: Aloe vera, jojoba oil, sage extract and vitamin E. These 100% natural and vegan formulas, with high-quality mineral pigments, They provide medium coverage, which blends perfectly with the skin, achieving a unified, smooth and beautiful complexion. Choose your cruelty free vegan beauty!

…is born from the deep love for Mother Earth,

We are farmers. The projection of our space is based on permaculture concepts and the entire development of the farm is designed with sustainability criteria.

The crops and products of El Jardín de las Lilas are certified with the Organic Agriculture Seal and Sanitary Registry, are suitable for food use and follow specific controls to ensure a product of the best quality.

From the seed until it reaches you, we carry out the entire process in our space, by hand and in an artisan way... all at the most propitious lunar moment to enhance, if possible, its properties even more.
For us, the astrological moment and the point of maturation of each plant is of vital importance to elaborate floral waters, extracts and essential oils of the best quality, impregnated with the universal essence.



Schüssler Skin Perfect Elixir, the queen of our Age Protection Intense family, effectively combats wrinkles with the power of Argirelox & EPS Seafill® & Syn-Coll. We combine this innovative formula with the benefits of two types of Schüssler tissue salts. The result is an anti-aging elixir recommended for mature, dull and preventive skin from the age of 25.

New revolutionary breakthrough in beauty!


Tu piel nunca ha sido tan suave,
nutrida y mimada.

Moi Forest products contain high-quality organic ingredients that protect the skin and support the skin's balance.

The ingredients have been selected to allow the forest powder to work optimally on the skin. Products include as many natural, non-chemically modified organic ingredients as possible to support beneficial microbes. The products do not contain surfactants and silicone and petroleum derivatives, which are strong preservatives that upset the normal microbial balance of the skin.

The products are COSMOS Organic certified and are manufactured at an Ecocert controlled production site. To ensure transparency, the product information includes mention of the function of each ingredient in the product and whether it is organic.

Study on the effects of urbanization on the microbiome
 Living conditions in western urban environments and single-family home areas are in stark contrast to life in, for example, Russian Karelia. The study compared the microbiome of Finnish schoolchildren and that of their peers 100 kilometers away across the Russian border. The aim was to clarify whether differences in the microbiome explain the significantly higher number of allergies and autoimmune diseases in Finland. The results were clear: Finns lacked microbial exposure to forest soil, domestic animals, and well water that protected against allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Increase in lifestyle-related allergies
A modern Western lifestyle characterized by sterile food and living environments seems to result in an increase in allergies. The immune system does not get the diverse exercise it needs, resulting in its inability to identify what is a risk factor and what is not.

Effect of omega fatty acids on the skin.
The Moi Forest product formula supports the beneficial effects of forest dust. The cold-pressed organic vegetable oils in the products compensate for the lack of omega fatty acids in the skin cells and improve the moisture-retaining properties of the skin. This increases the skin's natural protective barrier and maintains the microbial balance.


*You can place your order comfortably from your mobile phone, or via email.

*Provision service for yachts and villas in Palma de Mallorca of Natural and Ecological Cosmetics.

*Personal hygiene products for guests and crew, with ecological certificate delivered to Balearic ports. Palma de Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

*Ecological and biodegradable cleaning products for the interior, laundry and kitchen of yachts and villas in Palma de Mallorca and the Balearic Islands.

*You can buy ecological body hygiene products, such as shampoo, shower gel in bulk and also everything you need to clean the interior of boats or villas without using aggressive chemicals for the respiratory tract and toxic to the skin.

*Ask for training and workshops on non-toxic natural cosmetics in Palma de Mallorca for the crew, yacht clubs or companies that wish to promote ecological awareness and learn to differentiate and recognize which products are good for health and the environment and which are not. since there are many brands that make use of the practice of "greenwashing" that uses photos of plants in their images to make believe that it is natural, when in fact it is mixed with petroleum derivatives or PEGS. There are also training courses on how to put together a NATURAL AID KIT ON BOATS, with medicinal plants, essential oils and supplements to alleviate symptoms, cure or prevent diseases and thus be able to enjoy good health throughout the voyage and throughout life.

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